Examples of Builder's Works & Service Schedules

Every project will involve several different parties. This will usually include Architects, main contractors/builders, M&E specialists, structural engineers, electricians etc all with their own requirements.

Upon receipt of order, we produce our standard drawing pack which includes shell setting out, structural calculations and a builders works and services schedule. The aim of this schedule is to clearly outline works required by others and our service requirements to facilitate the construction and installation of the pool and plant.

The schedule helps to clearly identify the individual role of each service provider and clarifies each stage of the swimming pool construction process. This ensures the main contractor, project manager and client are fully aware of what is required outside of our scope.

Below are some examples of our Builders works and services schedule. If you would like assistance with a schedule for your next project, please to not hesitate to contact our team

Builders Work Schedule - Indoor

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Builders Work Schedule - Moving Floor

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Builders Work Schedule - Outdoor

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